Thoughts from Trish: Stepping Stones

Trish Moore is an intern this summer with the YWCA from our Community Jobs program. She has been assisting with Volunteer Engagement and learning the ropes of the agency. It’s been 2 busy months since Trish started, and she has been kind enough to tell her story and share her experiences so far!


Hi my name is Trishanda Moore (Trish), and I work at the YWCA as a Community Engagement Intern.  I am a mother of a 3 year-old, which gives me the motivation to really push hard in life. I surround my cubicle walls with pictures of my daughter and father, and I feel like myself when I look at these pictures. Pictures motivate me to keep me going when I feel like giving up some days from life’s everyday struggles.

Working with the YWCA isn’t just a job. I actually look forward to clocking in & getting straight to work. I know that the work that I’m putting in is helping or making a difference in someone’s life. Working at the YWCA makes me feel important. I have my own cubicle, computer screen and work phone. The feeling of being needed matters so much in my life right now. Although I am a mother, having a job that puts a smile on your face feels really good to have. I always wanted to know what 057YWCA stands for—I  will find that out this summer and keep you updated.

This internship working here at the YWCA is by far the most “Direct- in- Face” in the community position I’ve had.  I have worked in many internship positions in my work life; gardening, switchboard, receptionist, and in retail sales. This summer I will be learning how to use Twitter, WordPress, creating volunteer events, database work and doing public speaking. I will also be learning everything about the YWCA. Also I’m looking forward to learning more typing skills, improving relationship-building skills, and understanding the community. So far I’m really excited and anxious to be here. I have successfully mastered CERVIS (volunteer database), responding to community questions, and doing some basic community outreach. Those are little things compared to what I will overcome with my time being here.

We all have challenges in life or work! Learning how to use Twitter is one of my challenges. Expressing myself and knowing how to put it into words is a huge piece I’ll have to work on.  I believe that I can take that and create it into a good situation. Working for stressful jobs that require you to wear a uniform—black pants, black shirts, and black shoes, or an apron, cell phone, pencil, and pad—made it hard for me to see myself staying there for a long time because I felt like a slave working long hours doing work that wasn’t appreciated. Here at the YWCA in this environment, I really feel important having things like my own cubicle and choosing what I can wear each day. Here, even though I need to dress business casual, I don’t have to wear a uniform.

This job just wants you to be yourself and express yourself through your work. This gives me a better understanding and a clearer mind to be me. This job is in the community everyday so we have a better understanding of life, I feel, instead of other jobs that are only trying to make a certain quota every month. The YWCA is growing bigger every day and I know that with my involvement and help, I’m making a difference. Who knows, maybe I’ll be on stage one day at an Inspire Luncheon telling my story. I look forward to just that!

Stay tuned for more summer blogging from Trish!