Sort, Steam, Scrub: Starbucks WDN Gets to Work!

Starbucks helping out in Clothing Services


Volunteers from the Seattle chapter of the Starbucks Women’s Development Network joined YWCA staff at our downtown Seattle HQ to sort, steam, and organize donations in Clothing Services, and scrub-down the kitchens at our Seneca residences.

The Starbucks Women’s Development Network is an internal partner network within the company that strives “to inspire, foster and celebrate women’s individual potential both personally and professionally.” Aligning with the YWCA’s mission to eliminate racism and empower women, Starbucks WDN chose to partner with us and get involved through community service and engagement.

image2After an afternoon conference, Starbucks volunteers headed to the YWCA for an evening of sorting, steaming, and scrubbing. Dividing up into 2 groups, one team worked with Clothing Services while the other simultaneously worked with Housing. Clothing Services has been gearing up for our 12th Annual Closet Treasures Sale, from which all proceeds go to Dress for Success Seattle, Working Wardrobe programs, and the 5th Avenue Boutique, which work to provide low-income women with interview-appropriate apparel. Going through the racks-on-racks of clothing and accessories in the basement, the group made a huge impact helping us get organized.

Upstairs in Housing, the team deep-cleaned the kitchens on each floor and emptied out units that had been used as storage. Though cleaning residences wasn’t the most glamorous of jobs, the volunteers enthusiastically worked with staff to provide clean living spaces for residents.

Historically, Starbucks has made a huge impact in the local community through volunteerism. Encouraging its employees to get involved, the company set a goal to reach 1 million hours of community service per year by 2015–they are well on their way with a current count of 604,489 hours logged as of today!

Thank you to Starbucks WDN for making a difference at the YWCA!