An AmeriCorps Farewell: Thank You, Nan!


For the past year, Volunteer Services has been lucky to have AmeriCorps member Nan Mukungu supporting on our team!  After ten months of living out the AmeriCorps motto of “getting things done”, Nan is wrapping up her term of service and moving on to new adventures.  As we say goodbye to Nan, we wanted to take this opportunity to share her departing reflections on service, self-care, and sticking to your passions with our larger YWCA volunteer community.  Thank you, Nan, for all of your contributions to Volunteer Services and the YWCA!

In a nutshell, what was your position all about?

My official position title was GirlsFirst & Volunteer Services Coordinator. So, I worked at two different departments/programs at the YWCA. At GirlsFirst, I ran the Mentor Program, ran financial literacy, job readiness, and healthy relationship workshops. At Volunteer Services, I recruited and processed volunteers, developed an allyship charter, ran the Twitter, created the e-newsletter, and blogged for Firesteel and Volunteer Services. There is a lot more I did for both departments but that is what most of my projects were about!

What was one of your biggest challenges during the service year, and what was one of your biggest accomplishments?

One of biggest challenges was learning how to set and convey my boundaries in terms of workload. Additionally, my challenge really was just making time for self-care/love in a sustainable way. One of my biggest accomplishments was teaching a healthy relationship skills workshops to most of the freshman in the GirlsFirst program. A lot of the workshop centered around supporting friends in crisis and self-reflection. I’m just really glad that I was able to connect it to my passion for intersectionality and anti-oppression.

Any amusing moments you would care to share?

Anything that I did with the other AmeriCorps volunteer, Nina! “Just a bunch of lost AmeriCorps” was our running joke!

What do you want your YWCA legacy to be? 

My legacy will be the impact that my emphasis on intersectionality and anti-oppression has made and its incorporation into all of the work that I have done at both GirlsFirst and Volunteer Services/Community Engagement. Also, my commitment and passion for supporting the self-determination of the women, girls, and their families at the YWCA by understanding the intersections of their lived experiences. I hope that my voice will remain a large part of the continuous conversation happening within the YWCA.